Aboitiz firm denies role in Jubahib privatization scheme

The Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) said it has nothing to do with attempt for the power giant to take over the operation of the Northern Davao Electric Cooperative (NORDECO).

The denial of the Davao City-based Aboitiz-owned DLPC effectively buried in the garbage dump calls by Davao del Norte Governor Edwin Jubahib to privatize the former Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (DANECO), which has been serving the power needs of Davao del Norte and Davao de Oro (formerly Compostela Valley) for nearly five decades.

Jubahib has marshaled several mayors of Davao del Norte to sign a petition supporting his call for takeover by DLPC alongside barangay-level consultations on Nordeco’s privatization.

In a statement, Rodger S, Velasco, DLPC President and Chief Operating Officer, denued reports that DLPC was intending to intrude into Daneco’s service area.

Velasco issued the statement after Nordeco general manager Mario Angelo Sotto dared DLPC to issue an official statement on reports it was intending to take over the operation of the power coop, based on statements of Jubahib and as the governor ramped up his campaign to privatize Nordeco.

“In numerous opportunities, we have reiterated that the performance of Daneco is an internal matter between the cooperative and its customers,” said Velasco. “We have nothing to do with the operation of Nordeco.”

Despite Velasco’s denial, Sotto said DLPC made overtures about their interest in Nordeco.

“I kept on challenging them several times, kay manawag man ni sila usahay, makig-istorya nako, I keep on challenging them na if you are really true then come up with your official statement that you are interested in NORDECO then let’s talk and be transparent about it,” said Sotto.

DLPC’s denial may put an end the story about its alleged intent to take over Nordeco, but it is not the end for Jubahib who could face a case at the Ombudsman for interfering in the affairs of a power cooperative.

For leading a privatization campaign calling for power giant DLPC to take over the operation of NORDECO, Jubahib could be charged before the Ombudsman for meddling in the affairs of a cooperative.

Politicians interfering in the affairs of an Electric Cooperative (EC) to its detriment can be charged before the Office of the Ombudsman for violating Republic Act (RA) 10531 or the National Electrification Decree, a top official of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) said.

 “The case will go directly to the Ombudsman,” NEA administrator  Edgardo Masongsong  said in a virtual press briefing. READ MORE

A town mayor in Davao del Norte said politicians should keep their hands off attempts by a power giant to take over the Northern Davao Electric Cooperative (NORDECO).

Asuncion Mayor Eufracio Dayaday, who is against the take over, said privatizing the power cooperative should be decided by consumers not politicians as six mayors of Davao del Norte signed a petition seeking to allow Davao Light and Power Company (Dalight) to take over the operation of NORDECO.

Dayaday is the lone mayor who refused to sign the petition.

It is the people not politicians like mayors who should decide on the privatization of NORDECO, said Dayaday. READ MORE

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