DOH: A Delta variant case can infect up to eight persons

Has contributed to increasing cases nationwide, together with the Alpha variant which can infect three at the most and the Beta variant that is known to infect four to five persons

Delta, common Covid-19 cases have similar symptoms

 It is impossible to distinguish Delta variant cases from regular Covid-19 infections based on symptoms as they have similar common flu-like manifestations.In its latest public advisory Sunday, the Department of Health (DOH) noted that the variant first detected in India has the same… Read More

May be an image of text that says 'COVID-19 Cases in Southeast Asia Country 1 Indonesia Active Cases 2 Thailand 3 Malaysia 4 Vietnam 5 Myanmar 524,011 211,076 210,522 121,154 78,574 63,171 6 Philippines Source: COVID-19 Data (Accsse on 1/08/05 8:47AM)'

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