E.coli bacteria, other organisms found in Barangay Tulalian water system, 2 other water sources

Several water sources in Barangay Tulalian are contaminated with the E. coli bacteria that causes diarrhea and could lead to death. Health authorities said they found E. coli bacteria in the barangay water system which is run by a Tulalian Water Association (TUWASA), a private water service provider in the said barangay.

E.coli or coliform is bacteria associated with human or animal wastes.

Apart from TUWASA, the water source from a water pump in Purok 1 Barangay Tulalian and Aqua Grace’s’ water stock, were also found to be contaminated with the E.coli bacteria, a strain that causes diarrhea/bloody diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pains and cramps.

Tthe MHO had examined the various water sources and stock in Barangay Tulalian last week. They took samples and submitted these samples to PHO’s Water Bacteriology laboratory for comprehensive analysis.

Tests made by the PHO showed the presence of E. coli, or coliform, in three of nine water system/stocks in the said barangay. Of the nine water source and stocks examined, only three (3) had failed in the bacteriology examination performed by the PHO-Davao del Norte while six (6) water refilling stations passed the said examination. These were Aquabless, Aqua Rhabmargam Crystal Sofia, Aquagel, AquaJam, and Sofia Malima water refilling stations.

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