Officials and employees of Sto. Tomas municipality in Davao del Norte on Friday, June 4, took a brutal online beating from a small-time radio broadcaster who was crucified by bashers with scathing comments after criticizing the town’s delivery of health services.

I believe there is no leadership in Sto. tomas. When you are in government you should deliver an effective service, ” said broadcaster Edward Macapili who did not name the object of his verbal tirade.

Ernesto Evangelista is the mayor of Sto. Tomas.

A block-time broadcaster who pays for airtime in a radio station, Macapili runs a one-hour daily morning program, Sparkplug of Public Opinion, in Tagum City-based Infinite Radio 96.1 FM.

“There is no room for mistake in delivery of public services,” said Macapili who is a contract employee at the Davao del Norte Provincial Information, Communication and Knowledge Management Office (PICKMO)  under the office of Governor Edwin Jubahib.

“How could a leader gain respect of the people when the leader who runs the government do not know how to face the problem to resolve it,” said Macapili, who is being publicly ridiculed as a member of the Kapisanan ng mga Pekeng Brodkasters ng Pilipinas (KPBP), a group of block-time radio announcers who are widely known for notoriety as ACDC (|Attack and Collect, Defend and Collect) fake radio broadcasters. who are not credited by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters ng Pilipinas.

On Thursday, Macapili, after reportedly visiting the Sto. Tomas Municipal Health Office (MHO), posted a series of posts in his Facebook account, severely criticizing the MHO for its alleged failure to deliver “effective” health services.

Macapili’s social media posts triggered a tsunami of comments from bashers who attacked the broadcaster and defended the MHO.

In wake of the counter-assault from his bashers, Macapili pulled down his posts attacking the Sto.Tomas MHO and deleted the comments of the bashers.

The radio commentator, in his commentary in his radio program, said one of the comments accused him of pocketing campaign funds of a candidate in the 2019 election. Macapili was a key player in the media campaign of Jubahib. He said another described his post vs. MHO as OA (over-acting).

He said he is filing charges against his bashers, who are trolls hiding on aliases and fake accounts, whom he said are employees of the Sto. Tomas local government who were goaded by officials to attack him on social media.

‘If you cannot prove it, I will file cases against you. Don.t say that I cannot identify and locate you, “warned Macapili.

“You should be ashamed. You are paid with peoples money, by peoples tax but you are thick-faced and defended an act committed against the people, said the broadcaster in his ballistic verbal assault against employees of the Sto. Tomas local government.

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