Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin stressed that diplomacy should be handled only by the Department of Foreign Affair’s (DFA) and dished out a sermon to presidential spokesman Harry Roque to stop commenting on issues involving the West Philippines Sea. (WPS)

Locsin issued the statement after Roque earlier said that the Julian Felipe Reef , a feature in the WPS, is not part of the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).


ROQUE SNAPS AT INQUIRER: I never said Julian Felipe Reef is not ours

Without directly saying it, Locsin accused Roque of usurping the function of the DFA and gave the presidential spokesman a ‘last warning’against commenting on foreign affairs issues.

“This is my last warning. When it comes to foreign affairs the Department of Foreign Affairs has the exclusive remit,” Locsin said via a tweet.

“I don’t come from diplomacy. I come from a life that settled the hash of a lotta people who talked tough and ended up biting dirt. I don’t talk, I deal,” he added.

He further said that the country has only one stand on the issue and reiterated that it will come from him.

“There is only one voice on what’s ours: Mine. Period. Not even the military has any say. I speak for the President on this subject,” he added.

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