China tracked and monitored the American destroyer USS John S. McCain throughout its passage through the Taiwan Strait last Wednesday, causing the filing of a diplomatic protest.

China firmly opposed the move and said Chinese forces will respond with “strict precautions and vigilance,” adding that the U.S. move sent the “wrong signal” to Taiwan’s government and “willfully disrupted the regional situation by endangering peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

Ado Paglinawan

”ALL CHINA HAS TO DO IS MAKE AN OVERNIGHT BLITZKRIEG OCCUPATION OF MA-KUNG ISLANDS (romanticized as “Magong”) and convert the entire Taiwan Strait to territorial waters inside its sovereignty.

Magong, just like Taiwan, was never returned by Japan to China after World War II. This was supposed to have been part of the agenda of the Treaty of San Francisco, but the US manipulated a two-China reality, not just to neutralize China, but to enforce an American security lake out of the Pacific Ocean with the US mainland on the east, Hawaii and Guam on the south Pacific , the Philippine Islands on the southwest, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan (the enemy it allied with) on the west.

The distance between Mainland China and Taiwan is 180 nautical miles, this occupation will not only lock-in 153 that is the distance between the mainland and Magong but extend by another 12 past the island facing Taiwan or a total of 165 nautical command territorial waters.

Technically, this leaves 12 nautical miles for Taiwan and a narrow 3 miles of international waters. But China can park a naval and air presence on the right side of Magong Island, virtually making that balance of 15 nautical miles as extremely dangerous.

May be an image of map

All access by any foreign forces will have to bear China’s permission, failing that, all foreign ships will have to pass the east side of Taiwan in the Philippine Seas to gain access south and westward.

Any resistance must be met with the firing of the CH-AS-X-13 air-launched (ASBM) or the ground-launched DF-5 and D-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles, if the US reacts dangerously, or the DF17 which is equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) that can target any part of Taiwan, if Taiwan retaliates.

As to whether the Philippines still insist on acting like an American proxy, the Duterte government will find the conventional or nuclear warheads going south to any of our bases being used the US under our enhanced defense cooperation agreement (EDCA).

By the time the US Congress passes a resolution allowing its war machine to help us under the Mutual Defense Agreement, as President Ferdinand Marcos said in September 1982 to the National Press Club in Washington DC, “you will be discussing what to do here while we are already dying over there.”

Meanwhile, China can resume a wider boycott of American products in addition to Nike, Adidas and H&M, to send a message that the Taiwan Straits does not tolerate military promenades or any leisurely passes by hegemonic forces.

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