ROBREDO: Covid-19 patients dying in tents outside hospitals


“Many have already died inside tents outside hospitals,” said Vice President Leni Robredo in her latest assault and most serious accusation against the government’s battle against Covid-19.

Robredo, a potential presidential candidate of the opposition Liberal Party in the 2022 election, dished out the accusation at the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, whose term expires in 2022, as she slammed the claim of the Department of Health (DOH) that hospitals still have available beds for patients despite the increasing cases of the coronavirus disease, particularly in Metro Manila.

Duterte has placed under lockdown the National Capital Region (NCR) and four nearby provinces as Covid-19 cases surged to record-high tallies of more than 9,000 daily infections.

Robredo, a persistent critic of the Duterte administration’s campaign against Covid-19, said the DOH and the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) should address the worsening situation on the ground.

She said this includes “setting up field hospitals, hiring more healthcare workers and paying them well, and making sure hospitals are equipped with everything necessary to treat patients.”

“For almost a week now, we have been receiving distress calls from family members of Covid positive patients who cannot be admitted to hospitals,” Robredo said.

“Many have already died inside tents outside hospitals, waiting to be admitted to the ERs (emergency rooms), in ambulances while in transit, [or] at home without receiving any medical help,” said Robredo in her most serious accusation against the government.

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