Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. heaped accolades on Senator Manny Pacquiao after the boxing hero was criticized for his supposed lack of competence in leading the country

Pacquiao made us proud again to be Filipino,” Locsin said.

PACQUIAO is a good and honest man in every fiber of his being; kindness personified in the man who gave our country the greatest honor since EDSA ’86: he made us proud again to be Filipino, said Locsin.

Pacquiao is looming as one of the strongest candidates in the 2022 presidential derby.

Locsin skipped commenting on allegation against Pacquiao as a non-performing lawmaker but instead focused on the professional boxer-turned-politician’s achievements in the boxing ring.


Locsin came to the defense of Pacquiao retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, the lead convenor of the electoral coalition 1Sambayan, said the boxing champion lacks the competence to lead the country as evidenced by due to his absences as a legislator.

Pacquiao responded to Carpio’s criticism of his past record as a top absentee in Congress, saying his “record as a legislator can speak for itself” despite his absences.

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