Height of political dynasty

“A president annointing his own daughter as his successor, I think that’s the height of political dynasty.”

Former Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio dished out this stinging criticism of the Duterte family over the possibility of a Duterte-Duterte tandem running in the 2022 national election.

In an interview on ANC’s “Headstart,” Carpio, lead convenor of the political opposition 1Sambayan, said: “A president annointing his own daughter as his successor, I think that’s the height of political dynasty.The Constitution says political dynasties shall be restricted in accordance with the law…but the only problem is Congress has failed to enact the law.”

The Duterte-Duterte tandem refers to President Rodrigo Duterte, whose term expires in 2022, running in the 2022 polls as vice president of potential presidential bet Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, his daughter. 

The Duterte family has two other members inDavao City politics: presidential sons Sebastian as vice mayor, and Paolo as district representative.

Talks of a Duterte-Duterte tandem has been going the rounds after the ruling PDP-Laban party approved a party resolution urging President Duterte to run for vice president, saying the country needs more of his leadership.

President Duterte has has discouraged Mayor Sara from running but several groups are urging her to run for president have surfaced nation-wide.

1Sambayan coalition, during its launch last week, floated the names of any of Vice President Leni Robredo, Senator Grace Poe, Senator Nancy Binay and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. as potential candidate it would support in the presidential derby in2022.

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