INDAY SARA for President gains ground

CONVINCING SARA. Davao City Barangay 23-C chairman Alimoden Usman (left) and Barangay Cabantian village chief Mark Galvez brief the local media on the ‘Run, Sara, Run’ grand caravan in Manila on March 21, 2021. The barangay officials hope their message would generate more support among Filipinos to convince Mayor Sara Z. Duterte to enter the presidential race in 2022. (PNA photo by Che Palicte)

Grand ‘Run, Sara, Run’ caravan set in Manila March 21

 March 16, 2021

DAVAO CITY – Local organizers for the “Run, Sara, Run” campaign are set to spearhead a “grand caravan” at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila next week.Barangay 23-C chairman Alimoden Usman, the campaign convenor, said the March 21 caravan aims to amplify their calls for Mayor Sara Z. Duterte to… Read More

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