A heartless Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Wednesday. predicted doomsday to chances of Vice President Leni Robredo succeeding President Rodrigo Duterte, giving the opposition leader a measly score of 2 out of ten that she would make it to Malacanang in the 2022 election.

Robredo’s grade would just be two out of 10, if he were to rate the Vice President, said Panelo in his commentary show “Counterpoint.”

Cruelly, Panelo said he is himself doubting his rating of Robredo: “She’s lucky if her rating is two out of 10.”

It is “obvious” that Robredo wants to succeed Duterte when the latter steps down from office in 2022, Panelo said.

He said that Robredo is trying to be “politically relevant” by criticizing the government because of her apparent motive to run for president in the 2022 elections.

Other than the poor rating, Panelo also said Robredo’s presidential bid would be hobbled by her lack of political strategists.

Robredo’s advisers are not “tacticians” who can help the Vice President gain support from majority of Filipinos, Panelo said. “Leni’s advisers do not teach her well, they do not study good strategies. They are not tacticians. “

Robredo rates poorly not only in Panelo’s rating game but also in a recent survey by Pulse Asia on presidential preference for the coming 1011 elections.

Panelo has repeatedly said presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte qualifies to be her father’s successor.

Panelo earlier said Sara has the political will, courage, and passion to serve the people, qualities that the next Philippine president should possess.

ROBREDO unfazed by very poor rating vs. Sara Duterte in Pulse Asia survey

He also believed there is “no legal impediment” that would prevent Sara and her father to run for president and vice president, respectively, in 2022.

Responding to calls for her to seek the highest post in the country, Sara said those who want her to run for president might wait until 2034.

Duterte has discouraged her daughter to pursue her presidential bid, as he does not want her to suffer the hardship he endured as the country’s Chief Executive. (with PNA)

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