COVID-19 linked to erectile dysfunction

Scientists say erectile dysfunction may be one of the long-term effects of a COVID-19 infection

Experts in Italy and the US are warning of another potential long-term consequence of COVID-19: erectile dysfunction.

 There is a growing concern that COVID-19 could cause long-term difficulty getting an erection. 

This is something that is of real concern. Covid-19 not only kills, but can actually cause long-term, lifelong potential complications, like erectile dysfunction ,

In Italy, a study found that erectile dysfunction was both a risk factor for COVID-19 pneumonia and also a “likely consequence” of the disease for survivors, making it a “worrying phenomenon” among elderly patients in particular.

The study said that as COVID-19 affects both mental and physical well-being, erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a surprising consequence of the disease. 

Erectile dysfunction occurs when blood flow to the penis is limited — the causes of which can be complex and varied, both physiological and psychological. Many different factors affecting the cardiovascular system, nervous system and endocrine system can cause or contribute to issues with getting an erection. 

One risk factor that stands out for coronavirus patients is the damage done to the vascular and respiratory systems.  Read More

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