Teddy Casiño- Persona non grata

View video: Senate Hearing on Red-tagging, November 24, 2020 Also View: Casino testimony

Teddy, now the general public know who you really are. You have stripped yourself naked in front of television



In 1970 while in a rally, I was shot by the Metrocom in front of the old Congress building in what was the start of the First Quarterstorm.

Still with wounds fresh, I returned a few days after to be at the Battle of Mendiola. When the policemen started firing again, my group was lucky that Mang Johnny, a security guard at San Beda, recognized me and allowed us to seek refuge inside its campus, where I went to school since Grade 1.

We were able to escape using the Benedictine Abbey side gate at Concepcion Aguila when the chase was towards Azcarraga and Legarda to Bustillos.This made me think hard.

Not that I turned pale because if I did why would I even go to Mendiola? Natauhan lang ako that was not what the sacrifices of my parents and my elders was all about.

For what will I contribute to society if I were dead?Everyday I pray for the peace of those that I directly or indirectly misled by passion as a youth.

I ask forgiveness for those who died or who were disabled because of the activism I started in them. One of them, like my best friend from the Philippine Normal College, after being tortured and raped, was mutilated into pieces with a matured fetus in her womb, her remains wrapped in a black trash bag.

The difference between Ted Casino and I is I did not escalate my self into becoming a communist and a traitor to the my country.

I was an activist and up to now I am fighting for the poor and the powerless through my facile pen. My writings have harvested many reforms, the latest of which are more hospital rooms for public hospitals which just came out of the press.

But I will never use violence against this constitutional government. just because it has powerful and oppressive bad eggs in it.

That is what the democratic space is all about, you fight within the system, and you change the system using the rule of law, not the barrel of the gun or hate speech.

I consider the New Peoples Army as an enemy of the state.

Those who bear arms against my country are fair game. They have defaulted on their human rights. Those who use violence eventually die by the sword they lived on.

Unlike Ted, I also consider the Abu Sayyaf as enemy of the state.

So your analogy and hairsplitting sucks, I oppose any peace talks that involve both the New Peoples Army and the Abu Sayyaf, which are terrorist organizations.

I consider recruiting for these groups are feeding our youth to the lions.

This is why I do not make distinctions on the basis of an ideology of deceit. And I believe that it is by telling the truth, not lying, that will set us free.

Ted, now the general public know who you really are. You have stripped yourself naked in front of television. You are now persona non grata just like your fellow cadres.

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