With less than two years to the end of the term of President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go reiterated his call for approval of a bill that would reimpose death penalty for certain heinous crimes.

During an interview after he led the distribution of assistance to typhoon-affected residents in Lobo, Batangas on Thursday, November 5, Go said he remains firm in his commitment to push for the passage of a measure that would reinstate the death penalty and designate plunder and drug-related offenses as capital offenses.

The Senator filed In July 2019 Senate Bill No. 207 that would reinstate capital punishment for illegal drugs and plunder. Plunder, or the illegal acquisition of wealth with an aggregate amount of at least P50 million, will be punishable by death.

Drug-related crimes will also be subject to capital punishment. These specifically refer to the importation, distribution and possession of dangerous drugs or essential chemicals; the maintenance of dens for related activities; the cultivation of illicit narcotic plants; the unlawful prescription of dangerous drugs; the misapplication of confiscated drugs by public officers; and the planting of evidence.

Go said the Duterte Administration’s campaign against corruption, illegal drugs and crime improved the peace and order situation in the country and allowed communities and businesses to flourish.This is made evident by the findings of a recent report by the Washington-based analytics and advisory firm Gallup. The 2020 Global Law and Order report, an index of the public’s perceptions of personal security and confidence in the police, assigned the Philippines a score of 84 out of 100. This placed the country within the top fifty alongside Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Serbia.

Despite these gains, Go urged the government not to be complacent and even intensify further its campaign against the ‘ills of society’. He reassured members of the Philippine National Police that he and the President would protect them while in the performance of their duties for as long as they operated within the bounds of the law.

Go explained that with the continuing campaign of the administration against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption, “more Filipinos feel safer walking in the streets and can now focus on their jobs without worrying about their safety, more of their kids are going to school, and more communities are declared as drug-free.”

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