“The AFP shall ensure that terrorists will not be able to use social media as means to advance the ends of terrorism, recruit new members, and generate financial support,” AFP chief-of-staff Gen. Gilbert Gapay said . 

Gapay said the AFP is sparing no effort to curb terrorist activities and propaganda on social media, during the first in a series of virtual training by the military with social media giant Facebook .

“The AFP views Facebook along with other social networking sites as platforms to disseminate accurate information that would empower our people to see through the lies, and reject terrorist organizations masquerading as pro-people,” Gapay said.

He added that Facebook could be the medium that will help consolidate the peoples’ support to the AFP whose mandate is to protect and defend the state against various threats to peace and security.

“The AFP looks forward to conducting more training with Facebook to better equip its personnel in honing the strengths of social media as a platform to push forward the government’s national development campaigns,” Gapay said. READ MORE

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