Marawi City shelters on the rise


A black smoke billows from downtown of Marawi City June 27, 2017 after a military airstrike. A government official trashed the demands of the leader of Islamic State (IS)-inspired terrorists holed up in Marawi City to free their Roman Catholic priest hostage in exchange for the freedom of his parents and relatives.

On Oct. 17, 2017, President Duterte declared the liberation of Marawi from the hands of Daesh-inspired terrorists who laid siege to our only Islamic City for five months in a failed attempt to establish a caliphate in the city.

The siege resulted in the deaths of more than a thousand terrorists, government troops and innocent civilians. Apart from the loss of precious lives, destruction to properties, both residential and commercial structures, was severe in 24 out of the 96 barangays of Marawi City. A total of 49,785 households were affected by the conflict, of which 17,793 reside in the most affected area (MAA) or the so-called “ground zero” while 28,280 were from the less affected area (LAA) and 3,712 were renters. READ MORE

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