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DHSUD to run after real estate scammers, bogus brokers

Bogus real estate brokers have victimize people by illegally selling lots and housing units as well as prey on unsuspecting buyers through social media.

Secretary Eduardo del Rosario, chairman of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD), said his agency is coordinating with authorities in the monitoring and arrest of the bogus brokers.

Based on the Housing and Land use Regulatory Board (HLURB) under Presidential Decree 957—no real estate broker or salesman shall engage in the business of selling subdivision lots or condominium units without being registered.

DHSUD has regulatory power over real estate developers and brokers and salespersons are obliged to register with the DHSUD before engaging in property selling.

DHSUD will run after illegal developers and bogus brokers engaged in illegal selling of real estate properties.

Sec. Del Rosario, the government’s housing czar, said the DSHUD will be launching an intensified… Read More

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