abu sayyaf


Woman linked to Abu Sayyaf, ISIS

A female suicide bomber was behind the second explosion that rocked a central district in Jolo on Monday, the military said.

The death toll in the terrorist attack is 14: 7 soldiers, 6 civilians, and one policeman.

At least 75 people were wounded – 48 civilians, 21 soldiers, 3 local policemen, and 3 police Special Action Force personnel.

The female terrorist is suspected to be linked to Abu Sayyaf bomber Mundi Sawadjaan, nephew of Abu Sayyaf sub-leader and Islamic State (ISIS) head in the Philippines Hajan Sawadjaan, said Philippine Army 11th Infantry Division civil-military relations officer Lieutenant Colonel Ronaldo Mateo.

The first explosion happened at around 11:55 am, from an improvised explosive device (IED), near Paradise Food Plaza along Serantes Street, Barangay Walled City in downtown Jolo. Six soldiers were killed in this first blast, the military said.

A second explosion happened at around 01:15 pm along Sanchez Street, near a branch of the Development Bank of the Philippines, in front of New Trading store, also in Barangay Walled City. This blast killed one more soldier, and wounded at least 3 soldiers and 6 police, according to the military.

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