A true-to-life story


When my son took the Bar Exam in Manila way back 2014 (if my memory serves me right), my son saw a lady guard at the condo where he was billeted during the duration of the Bar Exam CRYING. He approached the guard and asked what’s troubling her.

She narrated her problem about her mother who has a colon cancer and needs surgery. She further said that the hospital always postponed the scheduled surgery. My son asked her if she has relatives living in Davao City. She replied that she has a sister living in Davao City. Thank God! My son asked her if she is willing to bring her mother to Davao City for surgery, she said yes.
My son called me and asked me to help the patient. Right there and then, i immediately went to the office of Dr. Leopoldo “Bong” Vega and asked him if SPMC can accommodate the patient from Manila. Doc Bong responded “paanhia”, meaning “Let her come”.
A few days after, the patient arrived in Davao City and i immediately accompanied her to the office of Dr. Bong Vega. I was so touched how Doc Bong accommodated the patient and promptly called his consultant and resident doctors to assist the patient for immediate confinement.
The patient, Mrs. Villa, underwent the series of medical procedure and was immediately scheduled for surgery thereafter. The patient, after series of post- operation procedures, was eventually cleared. She was to thankful on the way she was treated unlike the way she was cheaply tended to by hospital staff way up North of the country.
What i am trying to emphasize here is SPMC is not only for Mindanaoans, but to everybody who needs immediate medical care. Indigents, non-Mindanaoans, and people coming from nearby provinces, whether what stages/phases of their respective diseases are intently attended to by SPMC Medical Staff.
This clearly shows how the administration of SPMC specifically Dr. Bong Vega has brought this government health care institution to greater heights. This disproves the impression that Governnent Health Care Institution, specifically Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) here in Davao City and Davao Medical Regional Hospital (DMRH) in Tagum City are not par with the well-managed private hospitals in the country.
Vega welcomed as DoH Undersecretary | Nation | Daily Tribune
I challenge those critics of this administration to come and visit Davao to see for youselves how SPMC Medical Professionals dispense its respective oaths and other Professional Conducts in carrying out its duties in treating and managing its patients coming from all walks of life and coming from different age groups. This critics will be amazed how this institution has become center on how should Government Health Care Institutions/ Facilities be administratively-ran and managed.
And how SPMC has become the Center of Excellence on Hospital Management and why is this even possible? Its because of PEOPLE WHO HAVE HEARTS FOR THE POOR AND OPPRESSED.
You care to know why? It’s simple…. i know how SPMC, through the stewardship of Doc Bong Vega, has helped so many people.

I hope critics are now enlightened.

(Fe P. Quijano is a Former Private Secretary III at Office of the President of the Philippines/Mindanao Economic Development Council)

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