For the ignorant and dishonest like Rappler’s Maria Ressa

From Dr. Bernard Chiew, MD

Here are the facts:

1) Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is in Davao City. Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) is in another province, at Tagum City in Davao Del Norte.

2) SPMC is the biggest government hospital in the country with 1500 beds. PGH is second with 1100 beds.
3) How big is SPMC? For the Department of Internal Medicine alone, which is largely responsible for taking care of COVID patients, there are 83 medical residents and 95 medical consultants. Our department is bigger than the whole medical staff and trainees of most hospitals.
Total number of residents/fellows and consultants for all the departments of SPMC? 475 residents and fellows. 399 consultants.
4) SPMC is the ONLY government hospital in Davao City, serving the whole of Mindanao as a medical center. For SPMC, there is no such thing as “puno na ang hospital. Lumipat na lang kayo sa iba!”. The buck stops here.
5) As for Covid, SPMC is the only Covid center in the Davao area. BECAUSE WE ARE SMART HERE IN DAVAO, we centralized the treatment of Covid. Until recently, private hospitals were not allowed to admit Covid. Now, only mild cases of COVID are allowed in private hospitals. It is still SPMC which is ground zero for the COVID treatment. By doing this, we are able to maximize manpower and resources and streamline our response.
6) SPMC is not just an “infirmary clinic” that others make it appear. Since the start of the Covid Pandemic, on average, SPMC is taking care of more than 130 in-patient Covid cases daily (about 100 adult Covid patients and 30 pediatric covid cases). This does not include the hundreds of other non-COVID cases in the hospital.
7) In Metro Manila, unlike in Davao City’s SPMC, PGH do not bear the brunt of ALL covid cases. Covid cases are being admitted in private hospitals and other government hospitals in Metro Manila.
😎 Actually, Metro Manila got the biggest share of Covid funds at Php592M (PGH, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, and Quirino Memorial Medical Center). Davao CIty (SPMC) got Php326M.

SO! For those of you who did not analyze before commenting, it’s either you are ignorant or dishonest. There is still hope for the ignorant but there is a special place in hell for the dishonest.

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