DUTERTE willing to be ‘guinea pig’ for newly-developed Russian Covid-19 vaccine

Extremely elated elated that Russia is giving free Covid-19 vaccines to the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte is willing to be a guinea pig for the vaccines that would be developed by the communist country.

For the sake of his countrymen, Duterte has volunteered to be the first person to be injected with the Russian vaccine in public.
When the vaccine arrives i will have the public witness my vaccination so people won’t say anything, I’ll agree to be injected. I’ll be the first to be experimented on. It’s fine with me,  he said.
I am very happy because Russia is our friend. They’re going to give free vaccines. They didn’t say anything about paying for it. I think this is President Vladimir Putin’s way of helping us, by giving it for free,” Duterte said.
He said he wanted to show Putin that he has full trust in Russia’s scientific studies and believes that the vaccine produced is “good for humanity.”
To show them that I trust them and they didn’t make the mistake of offering us a vaccine, I will be the first to be injected with the vaccine,” he said.
If the vaccine can be administered to him, Duterte said it could most likely be administered to everyone.
Let’s see if it’s recommended for me. If it’s okay for me, it’s recommended for everybody. Now, if it’s not recommended, that’s the problem, he said.
He also asked Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to coordinate with the Russian government for the possible transfer of the technology for Covid-19 vaccine to the Philippines.
During one of his state visits to Russia, Duterte said Putin told him that if he had any medical-related concerns, he is free to approach the Russian government.
Duterte visited Russia twice — in 2017 and 2019. PNA

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