FRONTLINERS ON DUTERTE ADMIN VS. COVID-19: Criminally-negligent, corrupt, and tyrannical government


In a harshly-worded petition, a group representing itself as composed of frontliners in the fight against the Covid-19 described  the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte as a “criminally-negligent, corrupt, and tyrannical government.” 

The indictment  against the leadership of Duterte in the fight against the deadly coronavirus disease was dished out by the group in a statement that contained a 6-point proposal suggesting that the battle be placed in the hands of medical experts and not military personnel.

The petition, posted online on August 7, has generated the signatures of about 100 doctors and nurses

“We call for an end to all militaristic and fascist measures being done in the name of quarantine. Too many lives of healthcare workers have been needlessly lost due to the wrong priorities taken by this criminally-negligent, corrupt, and tyrannical government,” said the group.


The group wants the military out of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) against  Covid-19; and  Francisco Duque sacked as Health secretary.

The group also demanded that police and military personnel be taken out of the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19

The group sought the  “immediate removal of Health Secretary Duque and all of the generals and “czars” infesting the Inter-Agency Task Force, (and) replacing them with team players from health and related fields, who will immediately undertake a unified plan of action under a centralized leadership.”


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