POE on ABS-CBN: The pandemic of intolerance

“The pandemic of intolerance has claimed another victim”

As a result, thousands of breadwinners will lose their jobs, millions their source of information, and Asia’s oldest democracy its icon of a free press.

ABS-CBN is far from a perfect organization, and has admitted to its many failings. But in its balance sheet of accomplishments, the good it had done for our people are valuable.


The correct – and constitutional – response is to allow it to remedy them, the same chance extended to thousands of franchise applicants.
This is so because a media organization that occasionally commits mistakes is in the nation’s interest than one that is permanently muzzled.
It is not just news that is curtailed but entertainment shows which represent the finest in the craft, delight the public, and inspire our people to be the best.
The House has indeed set a high and unforgiving bar in approving franchises. This may affect current active franchises.

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