The Social  Housing Corporation (SHFC) plans to deploy a lean force in its headquarters in Makati City and regional offices in observance of the social distancing policy under the Expanded Community Quarantine ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte to prevent spread of the corona virus 2019 (Covid-19).


Atty. Arnolfo Cabling, president of the state-owned agency implementing the government’s socialized housing program, advised their clients, when the plan is implemented,  to postpone transactions with the agency  at a later date. Cabling said the plan is still being studied. adding an official announcement would be made when the plan is set into motion
Under the plan in observance of the Social Distancing rule, our employees would work only for a day, with four days of the week, working at home, said Cabling in a statement.
President Duterte has issued an executive order allowing government departments and agencies to adopt work schedules for workers as health authorities fight the spread of the deadly disease that has already claimed, as of March 17, fourteen lives and infected 187 others.

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