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Three City of Mati bays officially accepted on the Most Beautiful Bays in the World roster

The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association has officially accepted the application for inclusion of Pujada Bay in the Most Beautiful Bays in the World list.

In a letter to Davao Oriental Governor Nelson Dayanghirang and City of Mati Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat dated February 19, 2020, MBBW World President Michel Bujold said that their Board of Directors “has voted in favor of accepting Pujada Bay, but also Mayo and Balete Bays together as new member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Association.”

It can be recalled that a team from the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental and the City Government of Mati went to Japan on October 2019 to apply for the inclusion of Pujada Bay in the prestigious list during the 15th World Bays Congress.
On January 8-12, 2020, MBBW Treasurer Guy Rousset and General Manager Bruno Bodard arrived in the City of Mati for validation of the Pujada Bay. The two foreign validators were all praises for Pujada Bay.
It was also during the validation that the foreigners got to visit Balete and Mayo Bays which were not originally included in the application. Bodard and Rousset said that they will be recommending to their Board the inclusion of not just Pujada Bay but also that of Mayo and Balete Bays considering that they are all located in the City of Mati. ALSO READ
The foreign validators submitted their on-site visit report, along with some recommendations, to the Board on January 22. After barely a month, the MBBW Board voted in favor of the application.
Bujold informed the provincial and city governments that they would also be sending a copy of the recommendations related to the approval and advised the local governments to implement the said recommendations.
In a statement, City of Mati Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat welcomed the inclusion of not just one but three bays of the city in the MBBW. Mayor Michelle thanked Governor Dayanghirang for initiating the application as well as all Matinians who participated and cooperated in the city’s efforts for the protection and preservation of the three bays and its inhabitants.
“Now all three bays in the City of Mati are in the list of MBBWA which is a testimony of how beautiful our waters are. This rare feat now becomes a challenge for us to do more and persevere in our efforts for the protection and preservation of our environment,” said Mayor Michelle.
The lady mayor said that the inclusion of the bays in the list would surely be a big boost not just in their conservation effort but also on their tourism industry as more tourists are expected to visit the City of Mati and enjoy the bays.
“We still have a long way to go. Being included in the list is the least difficult part, staying in the list is more challenging. So to all Matinians I urge you to keep our bays clean like our very own backyard. As your City Government vow to provide more infrastructure and facilities that would help the bays maintain its clean and pristine condition that made it as 3 Most Beautiful Bays in the World,” ended Mayor Michelle. (CIO MATI)

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