Precautionary measures against coronavirus

2019 novel Corona Virus (2019nCoV)

dont panic

coronavirus tips


dont panic
From Dr. Edsel Salvaña, an infectious disease specialist, molecular epidemiologist and the director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the National Institutes of Health at the University of the Philippines in Manila

Ok, deep breath everyone. This is getting out of hand. All these conspiracy theories about leaked viruses and concealed massive death tolls is just making everyone panic. Ignore the noise and do as follows:

1. In an outbreak situation, the last thing you want to do is panic. It helps no one and makes it harder for authorities to do their job. Don’t contribute to the panic by spreading unverified and fake news.

2. Listen to the authorities, avoid unnecessary travel to outbreak areas, and DO NOT conceal any exposure or symptoms. If you are sick and you might have been exposed, please see a doctor and get evaluated properly.

3. There are no verified novel coronavirus infections in the Philippines yet but there are some suspects. Listen to the latest medical bulletins and not your panicking Facebook or Twitter friend.

4. As far as we know, this virus seems to be less deadly than SARS and is specifically deadly to elderly, the very young and those with medical conditions. If you are in those risk groups, avoid travel, avoid crowded areas. Wearing a mask can help, but it is more important to avoid places where transmission can occur.

We have survived numerous outbreaks and disasters before. Certainly the timing of the volcanic eruption could not have come at a worse time. But we need to help our government by following instructions and keeping a clear head and a clear mind. STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS. It makes our jobs harder. Get good info and take good care of your health.”

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