BONG GO: Duterte to step down if Paolo runs for Speaker



President Rodrigo Duterte would make good on his promise to step down if his son, Davao City Rep. Paolo Duterte, runs for House Speaker of the 18th Congress, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Tuesday said.

Go said he has known Duterte for over 20 years as a “man with honor” and he believes the chief executive would indeed step down if Paolo seeks the speakership.

Go’s position is in direct  contrast with that of presidential spokesperson, Salvador Panelo, who said earlier that the President may not resign if Paolo takes a crack at the highest post in the House of Representatives.

“You make a stand on the basis of circumstances. When those circumstances change, you also change your stand,” Panelo said in a Palace briefing Tuesday, when asked about Duterte’s earlier statement that he would resign if Paolo runs for the speakership.

On May 27, Duterte  said he would step down should Paolo run for House Speaker.


There are already too many members of the Duterte family holding public office, he said. 

In Davao City, the President’s home city, daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio is city mayor, while son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte is the vice mayor.

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