Alvarez withdraws

Two days before the May 13 elections, an Alvarez has withdrawn from the congressional race.

A PDP-Laban candidate, the withdrawing candidate thanked President Rodrigo Duterte, PDP chairman,  for endorsing him as he blamed massive vote-buying as reason for his withdrawal.

“We must stop vote-buyers from destroying our freedom,” he said in a statement.

A day before the May 13 E-day reports nationwide say of massive vote-buying.

“Vote-buying is vote-killing and is destructive to our democracy as drugs are destructive to our physical well-being,” he stated.

“This political abuse of our cherished freedom is now of wide public knowledge. We must renounce it, denounce it and withdraw our tolerance or our democracy will wither away,” he said.

In Davao del Norte, the vote buying has been documented in social media with photos of the electoral violation.

vote buying

The candidate who withdrew his bid, former senator and cabinet secretary Heherson Alvarez of Isabela’s 4th District declared his intention to withdraw Saturday. Alvarez filed his withdrawal at the Isabela election supervisor’s office.

In his statement of withdrawal, Alvarez said votes were bought in his city.

Alvarez, who also served as chief of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources under the Arroyo administration, said he could not participate in a political exercise “that violates our precious political freedom to choose our leaders.”


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