The political party led by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio responded with boisterous laughter at the claim by propagandists in media of Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez that candidates of the Alvarez Wing are way ahead of the Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP) bets in the Davao del Norte races in the elections on May 13.

This is another case of Alvarez and his spokesmen dispensing fake surveys to misinform the public to cover up their impending and ignominous defeat in the coming elections, said HNP DavNor in a statement.
Uncontrolled guffaws added more to the laughter over claims by Alvarez propagandists that the latest survey showing Alvarez Wing leading in the race, was conducted allegedly by the Anflocor Group of Companies.

fake survey

Wala mi ana nga survey. That is fake. Ang resulta sa among survey naga-ingon nga karon pa lang, si Jubahib ug Alvarez mag-empake na pauli sa Siargao, said Anflocor in a brief statement in reaction to the claim of the Alvarez camp.
The reectionist Floirendo is a candidate of the HNP whose victory is assured against the challenge of token Alvarez Wing candidate Vice Governor Alan Dujali, a Floirendo political protege turned foe.
The Davao del Norte election features the HNP DavNor vs. the Alvarez Wing of First District Rep. Alvarez, whose credilibility in the province is down to zero following his ouster last year as Speaker of the House of Representatives over allegations of corruption.
HNP DavNor candidates, who are supported by President Rodrigo Duterte and Mayor Sara are Floirendo vs. Dujali in the Second District race, Gov. Anthony del Rosario against reelectionist Alvarez in the First District and Rodolfo “Rodney” del Rosario Jr. for Governor pitted against virtual unknown former bus conductor and alleged fixer of public works contracts Edwin Jubahib, the personal assistant of the ex-Speaker. Jubahib is the current talk-of-the-town in DavNor with people calling him a joker, and his bid to challenge a del Rosario the funniest political joke in the coming polls.

jubahib kenkoy
HNP DavNor said it would not be surprised if Alvarez and his propagandists resort to fake surveys to salvage the zero credibility of their lead candidates Alvarez, and Jubahib who is reported as a dummy for Alvarez’s multi-million land-buying spree that included two resort properties in the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) and Talikud Island totalling more than 300 hectares.


In the coming polls, doomsday is predicted for Alvarez and his Alvarez Wing with practically all the political who-is-who in the province behind HNP DavNor. Coupled with the support of President Duterte and Mayor Inday, people are dubbing the political slaughter of Alvarez and his company as the “2019 Massacre.”

The Alvarez camp fake surveys are as fake as the accusations they level against Floirendo and the del Rosarios, said the party of Mayor Sara in the statement.
HNP DavNor recalled that in January, the Alvarez camp spread in the province an alleged survey by the prestigious Social Weather Station (SWS), showing results with Alvarez Wing candidates winning with wide margins over candidates of the HNP.



Mahar Mangahas, SWS executive officer, would issue a public statement denouncing the alleged survey as fake.
Mangahas also ordered an investigation into the forgery to ferret out the groups or persons behind the fake survey that used its company logo without authority. He said SWS would file criminal charges against the forgers suspected as belonging to the Alvarez Wing, a local bloc of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Lakas ng Bansa (PDP/Laban) of which Alvarez is secretary general.
HNP DavNor in the statement also described as a big joke the claim by the Alvarez propagandists that the survey with Alvarez Wing bets winning was conducted by Anflocor, which is owned by the family of Floirendo.
If it is an Anflocor survey, naturally the results would favor our candidates, Gov. del Rosario, Board member Rodney and Tonyboy. But we are not experts in manipulation and fakery like Alvarez and his propagandists, said HNP DavNor.
The party admits though it is also conducting pre-poll surveys for the 2019 midterm elections.
We are not releasing the surveys lest we be accused of forging results which is the franchize of Alvarez and his camp, it said.
“It is suffice to say that Alvarez and Jubahib would be starting to pack their bags for a trip to Siargao if the results are made public, HNP DavNor said in jest in the statement.



Reports have it that in the two years that Alvarez was the sitting House Speaker, he and his personal assistant Jubahib partnered in a buying spree that gobbled up millions of pesos worth of prime shoreline properties in the tourist island of Siargao in Surigao del Norte.
Aside from dishing out fake surveys, Alvarez and his propagandists accuse the Floirendos and the del Rosarios of failing to improve the province.
The Floirendo and del Rosario clans have been steering the political leadership for nearly 40 years of Davao del Norte, now the most progressive province in Davao Region and Southern Mindanao. Alvarez, on the other hand, was an inconsequential dot for 15 in the province’s political landscape, having lost twice in previous elections, until he won in the 2016 elections with the support of Floirendo and the del Rosarios.

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