Vanishing into near death, a month into E-Day on May 13, is the campaign of the ragtag local political bloc vying for posts in the Davao del Norte races in the mid-term elections.
This early pundits are predicting the so-called MAY 13 MASSACRE of the ALVAREZ WING led by re-electionist Panty, who counts in his team a virtual unknown and former bus conductor for governor and a political puppet for congressman.
This prediction is but a breathe away from becoming reality for these reasons:

1. Panty and his ragtag team are up against the established political families that have contributed imensely to the political stability and unity of the province for decades and for their contribution to the local economy that made Davao del Norte the most progressive province in the Davao Region and Southern Mindanao.

2. The ALVAREZ WING will battle it out with the formidable Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP), a regional political party of presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. Inday Sara is personaly campaigning vs. Panty whom she called an “asshole” for calling her pet HNP an “opposition party.” How can Inday Sara forgive Panty who had boasted that he has the power to impeach her father, President Rodrigo Duterte?

duterte endorse hnp
2. The HNP candidates have been endorsed by no less than the President. Why is the President endorsing an HNP candidate and not Panty, who is secretary general of the President’s PDP/Laban party? Has this something to do with the President’s hatred for government officials?

3. The HNP Davao del Norte has no less than local political kingpin Dolfo del Rosario as campaign manager. Dolfo is former Assemblyman, former Environment secretary, former Governor and former Congressman. He draws tremendous respect and was undefeated in political contests since he entered public service 35 years ago. He is coming out of temporary retirement from politics to lead HNP and fight Panty, a disgraced secretary of Tranportation in a past administration and recently kicked out for massive corruption from a top position in the national legislature. Panty was an inconsequintial dot in the political landscape of the province for 15 years, as he vanished into thin air after being charged with corruption in the previous administration and after two debacles in his comeback bids, in battles versus candidates backed by Dolfo. Out of pity, Dolfo and his family and relatives financially and politically supported Panty to win in the 2016 elections. To Dolfo, his relatives and friends and political supporters and the people in general of the province, Panty is a snake in the grass. He is now biting the hand that helped him rise from his grave of political oblivion.

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