The worst of the myriad of rejections suffered by Panty was his being unceremoniously kicked out as one of the country’s most powerful government official in a coup that reduced him to an inconsequential dot in the Philippine political landscape.
His peers have long, in the two years that he was in power as a ranking legislator, tolerated the arrogant, pugnacious, egoistic, dictatorial character of the power-drunk Panty.
The pent-up collective emotions exploded last year into a mega-bomb that caponized the corrupt, arrogant, pugnacious, egoistic, dictatorial and power-drunk Panty.
On that historic day, Panty was kicked out from his lofty perch, dishonored with the distinction of being, in Philippine political history, the lone highest ranking legislator who was kicked out by his peers before he could finish his term.
What brought Panty’s misfortune?
Corruption as in insertions in the annual national budget with Panty and his allies getting a big slice of infrastructure projects and the attendant under-the-table commissions from project contractors.
Denying congressional funds to political foes and those not supportive of his own legislative agenda.
And, according to presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Panty’s boast that he has the power to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte.
Sara having fired the bomb that reduced Panty and his politics to smithereens. Sara played key role in marshaling legislators to oust Panty, who called her regional political party Hugpong ng Pagbabago as an “opposition party.”
If the verdict of his peers is the biggest shameful dishonor that hit Panty, there are other acts of rejection that preceded the ouster.
Panty stands out as a politician who cultivated more enemies than friends.
The Catholics despise him for his rabid espousal of the revival of the Death Sentence.
The Catholic Church despise him for pushing a divorce bill.
Women rights groups despise him for publicly bragging about his keeping and siring children with eight women.
Moralists despise him for flaunting his girlfriend in public despite that he is still married to another woman.
Even his family reject him for his philandering and for evading his responsibility to his children with the legal wife.
In his turf, constituents reject him for being an economic saboteur, for pushing to the wall a banana company that for decades contributed much to the economic development of their province.
President Duterte has rejected Panty’s overtures to get support for his reelection bid, by endorsing Panty’s rivals.
Mayor Sara has called Panty an “asshole” and vowed to personally campaign against him in the May elections.
Panty seeking another post in the coming polls?
Who needs the arrogant, pugnacious, egoistic, dictatorial and power-drunk Panty?

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