You judge a man on the basis of how he comforted himself in the past. You judge a politician on the basis of his honesty, dedication and sincerity to serve the public.
The politician with a history of corruption should be rejected in the coming May 13 election.
Years ago, Panty abandoned his mandate as a member of the House of Representatives for a post in the Cabinet of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

His abandonment of the mandate given him to represent his district was viewed by his constituents with discontent that Panty would have to face in future elections with fatal consequence.

His short stint as Secretary of a top agency in the Arroyo administration was uneventful except for Panty having made headlines in connection with charges of graft and corruption, for his link to a controversy-laden and anomalous multi-million-peso contract involving construction work in a Manila airport.
The anomaly, added to his abandonment of his mandate, would hound him for years with his bids to return to Congress in two elections repudiated by voters in his district.
Reduced to obscurity, he sidled up to the entrenched politicians in his district, who supported him politically and financially. With their support, Panty won in his comeback bid in the last election through the backing of the politicians who were his former political nemesis. Panty’s relations with people who supported him in the last election would later turn out to be a case of a snake in the grass, which should be the most tragic and insurmountable of the many calvaries that Panty would have to climb to be able to return to Congress.  
His politics having been revived, he had the fortune to be named to one of the top positions in the House also through efforts by his new allies who were close to President Rodrigo Duterte.
But apparently, corruption is in his blood.
He would be ousted later over, among others,  allegations of having inserted into the House annual budget proposal billions of pesos worth of infrastructure projects with an eye to squeeze fat commissions from contractors when the public works agency implements the projects.
In the May 13 polls, although his image is soiled by the shame of the corruption raps that led to his ouster as a top official of the House, Panty is again shamelessly wooing voters to return him to Congress.
Will you vote for this fucking congenitally corrupt

son-of-bitch politician?

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