Mayor Sara to personally campaign against Alvarez

the durian beatBy ROGER M. BALANZA

Developing in Davao del Norte is the report that the world of First
District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez is getting smaller with President
Rodrigo Duterte’s PDP/Laban and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s
Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP)  locking arms in a political
alliance to frustrate the reelection bid of the former Speaker of the
House of Representatives.

PDP/Laban is the vehicle that President Duterte rode in the
presidential race in 2016. The President chairs the ruling
party;Alvarez is the secretary general.

HNP is a regional political party organized by presidential
daughter Mayor Sara together with the governors of the Davao
Region in support of the programs of the Duterte administration.
Mayor Sara has already made known where she stands in Davao
del Norte in the May 13 mid-term election: the HNP is supporting
incumbent Governor Anthony del Rosario who is challenging
Alvarez’s return to Congress.

Del Rosario is the vice chairman of the HNP.

Mayor Sara has vowed to personally campaign against Alvarez.
She had called Alvarez an “asshole” after the then Speaker called
HNP as an “opposition party” and reportedly boasted that as
Speaker he can have President Duterte impeached. She is said to
have been a key figure in the ouster of Alvarez as Speaker in July
last year.

The President of late has said that political decisions of the
Duterte family now rest on daughter Mayor Sara.
Between the President and Mayor Sara, the situation is “like
daughter, like father.” Whatever Mayor Sara wants, the President

If Anthony del Rosario is Mayor Sara’s boy in the Davao del Norte
race, the President will have to say Okay with me.
If Alvarez is Mayor Sara’s punching bag, then so be it, the
President might say.

President Duterte’s body language appears to share Mayor Sara’s
dislike towards the ex-Speaker.

He has admitted that he did not lift a finger when Mayor Sara
instigated the ouster of Alvarez.

On Friday night last week, the President was announced as set to
attend the Grand Rally of the PDP/Laban senatorial slate at the
Crocodile Park in Davao City.

alvarez crocodile park
Alvarez was in the rally waiting in the wings for a chance to get a
hand-raising public endorsement for his reelection bid and
support for candidates under the Alvarez Wing, a faction of the
PDP/Laban he formed in Davao del Norte to backstop his
reelection bid.

The President did not show up at the rally, apparently to avoid a
situation where he would be expressing support for a candidate
not supported by daughter Mayor Sara.

Whether or not the President’s absence was intentional, talks that
spread in social media that night made jokes out of Alvarez: the
President is avoiding Crocodile Park due to a report that a giant
crocodile had escaped from his gate.

Before the Crocodile Park debacle for Alvarez, he and his leading
bets in the Alvarez Wing dogged the President in the PDP/Laban
campaign rallies in Laguna and Cebu, in an apparent attempt at a
photo-shoot with President Duterte raising their hands. Their
efforts were futile.

Later, the Alvarez camp released a photo of the President raising
the hands of Alvarez Wing candidate Edwin Jubahib for governor
and Vice Governor Alan Dujali for Second District congressman.
The photo turned out to be a photo-shopped forgery.

duterte endorse
Rubbing salt to Alvarez’s injury were photos, released days later
after the forged photo of the Alvarez camp, taken in Villamor Air
Base, showing President Duterte and Mayor Sara raising the
hands of HNP candidates Gov. del Rosario, re-electionist 2nd
District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo and Rodolfo “Rodney”
del Rosario for Governor.

The Crocodile Park ‘no-show” of President Duterte is reverberating in Davao del Norte with a fatal backlash on Alvarez:
Reports have it that Alvarez’s PDP/Laban/Alvarez Wing is suffering
from a terrible loose bowel attack with its ranks now secretly
planning for a mass exodus towards Mayor Sara’s HNP.

alvarez foes
Which should be a politically correct move: With President Duterte
and the PDP/Laban, Mayor Sara and the HNP and almost all of the
established political personalities in DavNor up against Alvarez,
who would support a sure loser in the coming May 13 contest?

Beside that, the people of Davao del Norte love so much their
President and would only vote for the President’s choice,
Governor Anthony del Rosario, and not Alvarez who boasted that
as the then House Speaker, the country’s No. 4 most powerful
official, he had the power to kick out President Duterte out of

duterte alvarez 2


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