The mystery behind the Duterte fist


Many were asking about the supposed apology of President Rodrigo Duterte to Davao del Norte 1st District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez for his ouster as House Speaker. 

The news report on the apology, which was hailed by PDP-Laban Alvarez wing as some sort of a vindication to the beleaguered congressman, was even accompanied with a photo showing the Team Alvarez candidates doing the Duterte fist with the President.

The Alvarez camp also peddles the photo as evidence that President Duterte is endorsing the reelection bid of the ex-Speaker in the May 13 election.


To the uninitiated, the picture would say that indeed President Duterte seems to be supportive of the Alvarez Team with all of them doing the iconic Duterte fist.

But to those with the keen eye, you would observe that President Duterte is using his right hand while the others were holding their left.

There is an explanation to this — the difference between a “left Duterte fist” and the “right Duterte fist”.

With two political groups supporting the Duterte administration — PDP-Laban and the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, the HNP headed by Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte made it mandatory for their members to be using the “right Duterte fist”.

The PDP-Laban meanwhile uses the “left Duterte fist”. 

Now you know why President Duterte used the “right Duterte fist” in his pictorial with the PDP-Laban Alvarez Team?

Need I say more?



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