Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go dismissed  a Vera Files news report which claimed that one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s bodyguards was “carrying a bundle of cash” for purchases made during the President’s visit in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Some netizens criticized Duterte for taking a short vacation overseas, saying he spent public funds to rest while Filipinos had to deal with rising inflation.

That’s not true. Nobody was holding a bundle of cash. That’s all intrigue,” said Duterte’s top aide who went with the President in the brief Hong Kong trip.

Duterte made the trip amid concerns over his  health and rising inflation in the country.


Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea has defended President Rodrigo Duterte’s unscheduled trip with partner Honeylet and daughter Kitty .

“Duterte has been working since June 2016. Can they not allow him a weekend break?” Medialdea said.

Journalist Ellen Tordesillas wrote about the said ‘bundle of cash’ in her Vera Files article “Duterte in Hong Kong with Honeylet and daughter Kitty” published on Saturday (Oct. 6).

Go said the President arrived in Hong Kong early Saturday morning to take a “much-needed break” and was set to return on Sunday.

He denied that Duterte went to Hong Kong simply to shop, but to mainly get rest and bond with his youngest daughter, which he rarely had a chance to do for the past two and a half years in office.

Meanwhile, Go was mum on the results of recent medical tests on the President.

I can’t answer that question, Go  told reporters on Monday.

Asked if Duterte was willing to release the results, Go said it was for the President to decide.

But he said that the President doesn’t have a serious illness.

Earlier, the 73-year-old President bared that he underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy and was advised to have repeat tests. (with PNA report)

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