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the durian beatBY ROGER M. BALANZA

What coup d’etat?

People wary over the alleged plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte should take a cue, on whether or not Red October is a real threat,  not from the military but from Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde.

“Red October,’ the codename of the newest coup against Duterte said to be hatched up by Jose Maria “Jomatose”  Sison and his New People’s Army, Senator Antonio “Trililing” Trillanes and his Magdalo Group and Tindig Pinoy of the Dilawan and Yellowtard brigades of anti-Duterte personalities led by ex-President Abnoy Aquino and VP Leni Robredo. .

In reality, Red October is over-rated, its firepower limited to the loud mouths of the plotters.

Military officials say that Red October is real and nervously assures that troopers have undying loyalty to their Commander-in-Chief.  This is misplaced paranoia, purposely advanced to blunt off the impact of Duterte’s statement that some soldiers could be sympathizing with Trillanes’ Magdalo.

Apparently, there are no funny chromosomes in the military DNA, unlike the police which considers Red October as a joke.

We tend more to believe what the police say of Red October.


The PNP, according to Albayalde, continues to monitor the groups plotting moves to unseat President Duterte.

But Albayalde said PNP is not taking the threat seriously  since the alleged plotters behind Red October are aware that ousting the President is an impossible task.

That Duterte could not be ousted easily by a bunch of loud mouths is because the President continues to have the support of the Filipinos despite the tons of mud the opposition has thrown at him and despite their predictions that the President’s days are numbered. Read: Latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey giving the President a very high trust rating.

Albayalde has dispelled talks that he is the strictest ever chief of the PNP. The guy can dish out a joke. He says that if the Red October plotters pose a threat, it is not against the presidency but against the national eardrum.

If there is a threat from Red October, according to Albayalde, it should come from the loud mouths of the plotters.

To Albayalde,  the coming coup plot will have none of what it should be as foolishly envisioned by Red October plotters, e.g., soldiers and policemen siding with the anti-Dutertes with guns blazing, communist rebels side-by-side with the Magdalos swarming Malacanang, or EDSA flooded with a marching multitude of people power led by Abnoy and Trililing.

What is the worst that the Red October plotters can do?

According to Albayalde, the action would be limited to discrediting Duterte. Noise, noise and more noise and nothing more.

There would be pockets of protest actions in key cities nationwide. Hundreds of effigies of Duterte would be torched. Giant tarps would be waved. A thousand megaphones would spew out invectives. All against the President.

 Although there are persistent raw intelligence information  that supporters of the planned destabilization plot have been grouping, they are more on putting the President in a bad light and not necessarily to oust the present administration, said Albayalde.

We are not belittling their efforts but people are educated already. They have seen how good the present administration is in running the country, the PNP Chief said.

What Albayalde means is that the plot to oust the President will go pffft!

So what will happen during the Red October?

  1. Jomatose firing verbal missiles at Digong from thousands of miles away in the comfort of his condo in the Netherlands where he is in exile.

  2. The paranoid Trililing afraid to come out from his hideout to join the protest actions hallucinating that assassins (Davao Death Squad) are waiting in ambush to add his name to their list of extra-judicial killings.

  3. A few hundred rallyists of Tindig Pinoy gathered at Edsa in a minuscule version of People Power drenched wet by water power on a rainy day of protest.

  4. Rally participants going home hungry and wet grumbling Red October plotters reneged on their promise of cash for joining the protest.

  5. Abnoy, VP Leni Robredo, Sen. Kiko Panganiban and his yellow-colored colleagues in the Senate and other Red October actors shouting invectives at Duterte in speeches before small crowds in the comfort of covered gyms in school campuses or in air-conditioned function rooms in five-star hotels. While protesters they fooled to join their ranks or paid to beef up the protesting crowd brave heat and cold in EDSA or Luneta and other parts of the country.

 “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

Translation: Red October will have no  STICKS AND STONES – support of the Filipino people, the police or military. WORDS CAN NER HURT – the most that the plotters can do is to end up with hoarse throats uselessly mouthing invective at Duterte.

Actually, Red October would be the third attempt by critics to oust Duterte.

The first happened a year ago, in October, when Tindig Pilipinas was launched. Its convenors led by the who-is-who  in the anti-Duterte movements projected the launch to gather thousands of people at EDSA, in what they  envisioned as a repeat of the 1986 People Power Revolution that ousted President Ferdinand Marcos.

In the prelude to the big event, Tindig Pilipinas lured the police and the military and the public to join what they say would be a massive gathering  that could force Duterte to resign.

Tindig Pilipinas also unleashed a tsunami of propaganda that flooded social media, newspapers, radio and television, calling on the people to converge in EDSA.

But the call fell on deaf ears and the launch of the oust Duterte movement crashed.  Only a handful of people came, mostly paid participants to beef up the small number gathered by the convenors.


Protesters take shelter from the rain during a protest to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the declaration of martial law by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in Manila on September 21, 2018. Marcos was elected president in 1965 and declared martial law in 1972, allowing him to rule as a dictator while he, his family and allies enriched themselves through massive corruption and his troops brutally stamped out dissent. / AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS

Worst, heavy rain fell on the day. The plotters’ people power was no match for rain power that sent the protesters abandoning the front lines to seek cover from the pounding  deluge.

Despite the first attempt having gone as a dismal failure, Tindig Pilipinas did not lose hope of kicking out Duterte from Malacanang.

To ensure its second attempt, in September last month, would succeed, Tindig Pilipinas joined up with Jomatose and his communist rebels and the Magdalo Group of Trililing. Some reports say that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) would be joining the action.

As in the first attempt, Tindig Pilipinas used media to launch a propaganda campaign so intense that one would think Duterte’s days are numbered.

The day of reckoning of the second version of the Tindig Pilipinas-initiated protest actions  was September 21, 2018,  the 46th anniversary of the declaration of the Marcos Martial Law, that it claimed would have hundreds of thousands of anti-Duterte forces converging in Luneta.

Alas, like its first failed attempt in October last year, the September 21 Tindig Pilipinas People Power also turned out to be a dud, with, again only a handful of people turning up.

Jomatose’s NPA was not around. Not a shadow of Trililing or his Magdalos.

And the rains, heavy rains, poured again.


If only a handful showed up in the twin protests, it is because Duterte still enjoys massive support and Filipinos continue to trust him as a leader who can steer the country to freedom and democracy, peace and prosperity.

laugh-pa-more-3-gifApparently, God shares this national sentiment.

In the EDSA event of October last year and the Luneta people power in September, heavy rains fell like hell from heaven on the Tindig Pilipinas rallyists.

Although Duterte once said that God is “stupid,” the Almighty apparently is still a friend of the President, as it appeared that He ordered all the angels in heaven to piss together to drown anybody who would attempt to unseat Duterte.


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