Christopher “Bong” Go, President Rodrigo Duterte’s trusted aide, responded with a joke  on Monday, August 20, to dispute a rumor that the President is in a state of coma.

Special Asssistant to the President  (SAP) Go was reacting to the claim of Jose Maria Sison aka Joma, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), on the “latest report” about Duterte’s health condition.

Sison posted in his Facebook account that Duterte “has gone into coma.”

Asked by, Go, in a jesting mood, said Duterte is in the “kama” (bed) and not in coma.

“Nasa kama lang nag rest, kausap ko pa 2am kaninang madaling araw si PRRD,”  Go said in a text message to the online news site.

Turning the tables on the communist leader, Go said Sison must be dreaming.

“Baka nanaginip lang si Joma then napalitan lang ni Joma ng letter C ang pangalan nya. Siya pala yun,” he said.

Sison is the chief adviser of the National Democratic Front (NDF), the umbrella of the communist movement, which faces the Philippine government in peace talks to end the country’s 50-year old communist insurgency.

Duterte has suspended the negotiations following continuing attacks on government forces and civilians by the New People’s Army (NPA),  the armed wing of the CPP.

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