Malacañang defends docking of Chinese ship in Davao City

ROQUE 6Malacañang on Tuesday defended the docking of a Chinese vessel in Davao City on Monday, stressing that all nations which the Philippines maintains “friendly ties” with may dock at the country’s ports.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque made this remark after the Philippine Navy reported that Chinese vessel, Yuan Wang 3, docked in Davao City Monday for replenishment.

Roque also pointed out that whoever finds the Chinese vessel docking in the Philippines as alarming may have Sinophobia or the fear or dislike of China, its people, language or culture.

“Only those afflicted with Sinophobia will find the routine incident objectionable,” Roque said in a press statement.

Earlier, Philippine Navy spokesperson Cmdr. Jonathan Zata said the ship, which will only stay in the country until July 19, was granted diplomatic clearance by higher authorities.

He also noted that there was “nothing unusual” about the docking of the Chinese ship, noting that it was similar to any other foreign ship calling on Philippine ports.

“It’s completely routine, nothing unusual about the visit. We had Chinese warships calling on our ports in the past the same as with any other warships from other countries,” Zata said.

Last month, a Chinese plane also landed and refueled in Davao City after it was given specific conditions for compliance. It was on its way to New Zealand for a bilateral military exercise.

Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana defended this, noting that it was part of “procedure” done by even Philippe Air Force planes when going abroad.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua also stressed that all standard protocols in the Philippines were followed. (PNA)

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