China signs water deal with Davao City

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has thanked the Chinese government for funding the construction of a water system for residents of Barangay Callawa.

The city government donated the land, where the P6-million Barangay Callawa Water System Project would rise.

On Thursday, Mayor Inday and Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jinhua signed a deed of donation for the project.

They also went to the area for the groundbreaking ceremony.

In her speech, Mayor Inday thanked the Chinese Ambassador for the generosity of the Chinese government in helping uplift the condition of the people of Davao.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Philippines for their generosity that will pave the way for the construction of a water pumping station here in Barangay Callawa,” she said.

The water system project in Callawa will benefit the barangay’s population of more than 3,000. Half of them only enjoys water although the supply is limited.

Mayor Inday said the gesture of the Chinese government “is an affirmation of the strong connection between our country and China founded over the past years.”

Zhao said he shared Mayor Inday’s efforts in helping communities to uplift the condition of the people.

“Although it might be challenging and might be difficult to lift up people under the poverty line in Davao City in a short period of time, I do share the care demonstrated by Mayor Sara for the well-being of the people. I do share her determination to make progress in lifting people out of poverty,” he said.

Zhao said Barangay Callawa reminded him of his hometown in China, which was previously poverty-stricken.

However, the Chinese government managed to lift the economy up through various projects and programs, which made the peoples lives much better.

Zhao said he envisions the same progress to happen in Davao. CIO

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