SAP Go lauds EO vs. endo

“Corrects the imbalance between the interests of the employer and the workers”


Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go on Tuesday, Labor Day, lauded the signing of an executive order that bans illegal contractualization but noted that there is still so much to do to end the unfair labor practice.

“I welcome the signing of Executive Order No. 51 series of 2018. I am one with the President in his efforts to put an end to ‘endo’ and illegal contractualization,” Go said in a statement.


Labor Day rallyists want to end contractualization

He said the issuance of the order proves that the government has taken a “strong” stand to protect the rights of workers.

“This measure intends to correct the imbalance between the interests of the employer and the workers by ensuring that the right to security of tenure of workers is not undermined and sacrificed,” Go said.

However, he noted that the task to ensure a decent and comfortable life for workers does not end with the signing of an executive order.

“But this is not where our fight for our workers end. We need to pass and amend laws to ensure a permanent solution to endo,” Go said.

Go, meanwhile, encouraged the public to support the initiatives of the executive and legislative departments to end contractualization.


In a speech delivered in Cebu City, President Rodrigo R. Duterte said that it is still up to Congress to revise the provisions of the Labor Code to abolish contractualization completely.

“In order to implement an effective and lasting solution to problems brought about by contractualization, Congress needs to enact a law amending the Labor Code,” he said.

Duterte said that a mere executive order “can only do so much” as “alleviate” the problems brought about by this labor practice.

“Endo” is short for “end of contract”, which refers to the scheme used by unscrupulous companies in the Philippines. This is terminating the service of contractual workers before six months.

Under Philippine laws, companies are required to regularize their workers after six months of service. But some firms terminate their contractual workers a month or two before the six-month period, and then hire another again and repeat the vicious process. 

Not regularizing workers after the six-month period deny the workers of remunerations enjoyed by regular workers, such as the 13th month pay and other benefits. (PNA)

EO vs. ‘endo’ proof of gov’t commitment to workers : Bello


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