ABOUT POLITICS DAVAO DEL NORTE mayor sara inday duterte carpio




Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants to reach out to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and is reportedly seeking the help of President Rodrigo Duterte to broker a reconciliation.

Alvarez, (1st District, Davao del Norte), faces the prospect of the presidential daughter campaigning against his reelection in 2019.

Alvarez has run into a head-on collision with Duterte-Carpio for calling as an “opposition” a regional party – Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HnP) –  that the Davao City mayor organized together with the governors of the Davao Region.

Reacting to the unsolicited disparaging comment, Duterte-Carpio went ballistic and called the Speaker an “asshole” and a “liability” to her father’s administration.

She had also called on congressmen to oust Alvarez as Speaker in addition to making a threat that she would campaign against Alvarez in the 2019 mid-term election.

Reports have it that the HnP is luring former Governor Rodolfo del Rosario to challenge the reelection of Alvarez. Del Rosario is considered as the man to beat Alvarez.

Reports said the reconciliation may happen this week, but it was not known if President Duterte would be in town to mediate the rift.

It may be expected, however, that Duterte-Carpio may shoot down any attempt by Alvarez to reconcile with her.

Duterte-Carpio may be expected to slam the  door on any effort of reconciliation and may stick to what she said as Alvarez tried to make peace with the mayor after getting a mouthful from Duterte-Carpio over the the tag he heaped on the HnP.

Duterte-Carpio earlier had said that she does not need to reconcile with Alvarez because they are not friends.

 “Wala naman ako talagang problema sa kanya. I think s’ya ang may problema sa akin kase s’ya naman ang nagsimula na mag-atake sa akin,” she said.

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