Mar Roxas, the presidential candidate of the ruling Liberal Party, was ‘tormented’ and ‘scared’ and acted like a ‘zombie’ as then Interior Secretary in the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda that devastated parts of the Visayas in 2013.

duterte binay roxas

In an interview with Manila Standard,  Duterte, said Roxas looked like a zombie as he played his role as the government’s point man in the tragedy that killed hundreds and left thousands of people homeless.

“I was there on Day 2 of Yolanda. He was there … but Mar, at that time, was not in his element. He looked like a zombie,” Duterte told the Manila Standard  in an interview.

“The problem with the former Interior Secretary is he’s tormented. I could just surmise that he’s very scared so what he did there all the time was to do monologues,” Duterte said.


Duterte blasted Roxas as the candidate of President Benigno Aquino said in a television advertisement that there would be no drama if he wins the May election.

In a recently aired 30-seconder political ad, Roxas said: “I am Mar Roxas. They say I didn’t grow up poor. That I don’t have a dramatic story. But the elections aren’t about me. It’s about you and your family. I won’t give you drama. I’ll focus on creating jobs for you. That’s what I know. That’s what I can do.”

In the Manila Standard interview, Duterte shot down the claim of Roxas.

 “What is he saying that he’s not up for drama?” asked Duterte, pointing to how the “tormented” and “scared” Roxas, play-acted like a “zombie” with monologues in the aftermath of the Yolanda tragedy.

According to Duterte, Roxas also made of himself a “stupid and crazy” presidential candidate in his provincial sorties.

roxas crazy.jpg

The Roxas camp has released two photos of the LP bet in a sortie in the Visayas.  The photos showed Roxas eating rice from a cup and drinking water from a plate.


“He’s claiming he’s no drama, but if he is not crazy, he ate rice in a cup. How stupid can you get? A cup is for water, a plate is for eating rice, Duterte said in the interview with Manila Standard.

The photos which went viral in the Internet met a tsunami of funny comments.


Another widely criticized photo, also released by his camp, showed Roxas purportedly suffering a motorcycle crash while  monitoring damages of Yolanda.

“I risked my life” captioned the photo   in a press release from the Roxas camp that told how Roxas was grappling with relief efforts in the aftermath of the super typhoon.

The alleged motorcycle crash would later be revealed as a fake: There was no accident and Roxas was shot by his cameraman as he tried to straighten up  his bike that tilted because he parked it on soft ground at a rest stop.

rody-dhot seat roxas


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