roxas 2Mar Roxas promises to  lift the Philippine economy to higher levels if he becomes the President.

The ruling Liberal Party’s standard bearer, Roxas sells himself as an economist, with a degree from the prestigious Wharton University of Economics in Pennsylvania, USA.

For this credential, Roxas could be the economic genius who could lick poverty, generate employment and investment and make the Philippine economy soar high.

But Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said Roxas’ campaign pitch could be a myth as Roxas’ Wharton degree is a myth.

Duterte said Roxas is not a graduate of the famous school and at best earned only a short correspondence course from the American institution.

Roxas’ claim that he graduated from Wharton is a myth, said Duterte in the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on Sunday, December 13.

He could have earned a 3-month correspondence course but not a four or five-year degree from Wharton, Duterte said.

Duterte said Wharton has no record of Roxas as a graduate of the university.

Ask Wharton, said Duterte to prove his point, in the weekly television program on ABS/CBN Davao.

Roxas is “not on the list of those who graduated from a four or five-year degree course from Wharton,” Duterte said. He said Roxas could prove him wrong if he could show his graduation photo at Wharton.

In the program, Duterte warned voters against placing Roxas in Malacanang.

He could not handle stress, he said reiterating an earlier criticism he hurled at how Roxas handled the Yolanda tragedy.

Roxas fired off a series of verbal missiles this week after Duterte in a radio interview admitted his womanizing, his plan to revive the death penalty and nationwide replication of his iron-fist policy against criminals if elected president.

Roxas said Davao City being a safe place is a myth and hit Duterte for the extrajudicial killings.

Reacting in speech in Taguig City on Friday, Duterte said he would spank Roxas if he chances to meet him in the campaign trail. READ MORE

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