Mar Roxas reaps whirlwind for ‘smear drive’ vs. Duterte

Presidential candidate Mar Roxas is being swamped with a tsunami of barbs from all corners after being accused as behind a smear campaign against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The fireworks come even as Roxas denied being behind a journalist who spread on Facebook a false claim that Duterte has cancer.

As the barrage of attacks are fired without let-up against   Roxas, the standard bearer of the administration Liberal Party, continues to pour heavily, the LP called as “silly” Duterte’s claim that Roxas was behind journalist Philip Lustre, who last month wrote in his Facebook account that Duterte is not running in the 2016 election due to throat cancer.

million peopleDuterte, who has said he is not running for President despite the strong public clamor for him to join the 2016 presidential derby, denied he has the ailment and tagged Roxas as behind Lustre.

For being a “dirty player,” Duterte has vowed to launch his counter-attack against Roxas and tell the public that the administration candidate is “not fit to be president.”

The LP said political opponents are ganging up on Roxas because they have no issues to throw at him.

There are no serious and valid issues against Roxas so they resort to anything as silly as rumor mongering, said Caloocan Rep. Edgardo Erice, LP political affairs chief.

In particular, Social media is being swamped with a flood of anti-Roxas commentaries despite Roxas coming out with a statement denying Duterte’s allegations he was behind the smear job.

Other candidates have joined the fray by pouring gasoline into the attacks on Roxas.

The camp of opposition candidate Vice President Jejomar Binay, standard bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), unleashed its own barrage of fire.

The LP campaign is to smear its political enemies to conceal the fact that Roxas was unfit to lead the country, it said.

Joey Salgado, head of the Office of the Vice President media affairs, said that mudslinging and character assassination are the trademarks of the Roxas camp.

Salgado said that Roxas’ political operators were behind  the year-long Senate Blue Ribbon subsub-committee investigation into the alleged anomalies in the construction of a Makati City Hall building when Binay was still mayor.

In an apparent  bid to lure votes of Duterte supporters, Senator Bongbong Marcos, the vice president of Senator Miriam Santiago, and independent presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe said in television interviews that they suspect Roxas was behind the black propaganda against the popular Davao City mayor.

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