Duterte also linked to P2.9 billion missing assets in ‘COA report’

durian beatThe alleged Commission on Audit (COA) report questioning the hiring by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of 11,000 contract workers pales in comparison to another ‘COA report’ alleging a billion-pesos anomaly hurled at the city mayor in the run-up to the 2010 election.

The missing assets charge  gained circulation in the 2010 mayoral race between then Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, the mayor’s daughter, and then House Speaker Prospero Nograles.

The ghost workers scud missile was recently published in a popular online news site as Mayor Duterte gains credence as a potential presidential candidate in the 2016 election.

The reports are dismissed as part of smear campaign against Duterte.

On the alleged hiring anomaly , Duterte said he is willing to go to jail even if only one of the 11,000 job order workers would stand up to testify that he took a peso from the worker’s salary.

On the black propaganda on the alleged P2.9 billion missing assets fired during the 2010 mayoral race, Duterte said he was being made to account for all the assets of the city government acquired or bought before he became mayor in 1988.

JOKENINGThe missing assets bombshell, widely played up in media, would turn out to be one of the funniest jokes in that election.
“They want me to account for assets bought 75 years ago,” then said Duterte of the scud missile he blamed on Nograles and former mayor Benjamin de Guzman, his rival in the vice mayoral contest.
As the dust of the political battle settled down, Sara Duterte beat Nograles by more than 200,000 votes; De Guzman trailed Duterte by about 300,000 votes.

We were at the top of the propaganda bureau of the Dutertes and the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod in that Sara vs Nogie/Rody vs Ben 2010 electoral imbroglio (Nogie’s third failed attempt to oust the Dutertes from City Hall; de Guzman faded into oblivion after the battle), but we will not try to re-open old, painful wounds.

After all, Nograles, the Duterte arch-foe in the battle over control of city politics since 1992, has already made friends (?) with Duterte and is throwing his support if Duterte runs for President.

But for the sake of entertainment, this being a political season and its timeliness in wake of Duterte being falsely accused of hiring ghost employees in a ghost COA report, we would like to reprint our coverage of the joke about Duterte having allegedly “stolen” P2.9 billion of city government assets.


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