God’s sign, women and President Duterte

 durian beat

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had said as he was being pushed to run for President in the 2016 election that he wants that God must send a sign that He has a finger ready on the trigger of a starting gun for him to join the derby.
gog 4I want a sign from God, he said. Has he gotten the sign?
In this age of information technology, we are sure that God in heaven while discussing earthly politics with St. Peter must have a high-end iPhone in his hands.
Has God sent a text message to Duterte about 2016? Nyet. We rule out God making a voice call to Duterte given the hilariously slow service of Philippine telecoms that rules out a connect between God in heaven and Digong in Davao.
But still we try the question: Did God call Digong? Nada.
Otherwise he could have announced it in his Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program. Or he could have rushed to his friend Pastor Apollo Quibloy, the ‘anointed Son of God,’ to confirm if the text message did come from God the Father and not a hoax text; or if the caller was real and not a hoaxer. We forget infotech.
Duterte could also get the godly sign in his dreams, with God, brandishing a Vote Duterte for President placard, telling Duterte that his destiny has come.
If God shares Duterte’s favorite verse from the Bible, Ecclesiastes, in his dreams God would be telling Digong: “There is a time to be born, a time to die….” And God would end the line with “there is a time to stop being mayor of Davao City, there is a time to be President of the Philippines!”
“Wake up, Rodrigo! Beat Binay and Poe!,” God would command Digong in one of the dreams. “Bong Go has revved up the chopper. Jun Evasco, Manny Pinol and Butch Ramirez are already in Antique! Wake up, Mr. President, wake up!” (Bong is Duterte’s reliable man-Friday; the Jun-Manny-Butch triumvirate is behind the Duterte Federalism Listening Tour aka Duterte for President Campaign Machinery which since late last year had visited key cities in Mindanao, the Visayas and Luzon).
But does Digong have the time to sleep and dream about God and the sign knowing that he stays late at night up to dawn to drive a taxi or ride a big bike to roam the streets of Davao to hunt down criminals? He is also still going around the country with his no let-up Listening Tour and we doubt if sleep is still in his dictionary.
Yes, he still dreams, but his dreams are frustrating to Digong fans.
In his dreams, there is no God chanting “Run! Rody! Run!, “ like what 15,000 Dabawenyos did during a recent Fun Run.
So what were his dreams about?
Duterte says the dreams were not political, without God and were nocturnal visions of romance.
It’s girls. Full of them. Mga babaye, joked Duterte. Har!Har!Har!
Without God texting or calling Duterte or visiting him in his dream, is there any other manner that God could send the “sign” that he wants Duterte to be President?
There is and Duterte apparently is convinced he has got the long-awaited sign. The sign is in the blabbering of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Commission on Human Rights chief Etta Rosales.
The madams of late had been devilishly lashing at Duterte for the summary killings of criminals in Davao City allegedly perpetrated by the deadly Davao Death Squad that they believe is the killing machine of the mayor. By their body language and vocal missiles, they don’t want Duterte to be President. Charging violations of human rights, they want Duterte to be hanged for the extrajudicial killings.
Duterte has denied link to the killing and the death squad. But he believes that killing criminals means peace as happened in Davao City where criminals fall down like shootings ducks under the iron-fist, no-mercy anti-crime campaign of ……….
Duterte is deeply hurt by the accusations hurled at him by the madams, but insists that exterminating criminals is the solution to the country’s serious criminality problem.
This could be achieved only if the sitting President has the guts to do what is happening to criminals in his city. To prove that the cleansing process is correct, if he is the President, he would have 100,000 criminals killed and their bodies thrown into Manila Bay for the fishes to feast on.
He wants to prove to madams Leila and Etta that he is right, so reluctant Duterte is running for President.
Duterte said after the blasts from Leila and Etta that he is now convinced that he has to run for the Presidency. Leila and Etta are the “sign” from God, he said.
As the matter now stands, it is not the survey results, the Dabawenyos, the Pimentels or the Duterte for President Movement or the millions throughout the country pushing him to run, that made Duterte change his mind.
It is madams Leila and Etta and their big mouths. Are the twin madams the bringer of God’s sign that Digong should run? God works in many unfathomable ways and could have divined as the bringer of the sign the loquaciously loud female duo.
copylogoGod may have become inured to today’s violent world where people die violently– 32 journalists in the Ampatuan Massacre, 44 police commandos in the Mamasapano bloodbath, 200,000 in the Mindanao war, thousands in the ISIS insane, murderous rampage in Iraq and Libya, etc. etc.
God may believe that “The Punisher” is the godfather of the deadly, sweet-shooting, .45 cal. armed Davao Death Squad, but why fuzz over a thousand dead criminals?
Could be that God thinks that a vice president stealing billions of pesos in people’s money is more dangerous as President, so Duterte is it. Bitay si Binay!
God may also consider as a big gamble if a neophyte or a wishy-washy wannabe becomes the next President, so Senator Grace Poe and Interior secretary Mar Roxas are out too.
So God has to make a choice. For the next president, He wants somebody with guts and compassion, does not steal and has long record in governance.
When God sent out his “Run! Duterte! Run!” sign mysteriously through loudmouths Leila and Etta, God could have also taken into consideration another serious issue that overwhelmed the charges of human rights violations and the hundreds of extra-judicial executions levelled against Duterte.
We heard that God, like Duterte, is s strong believer in Federalism.

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