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It was billed the ‘Fight of the Century.’

But days after the Pacquiao-Mayweather welterweight fight unfolded in Las Vegas, it is now being called names like ‘Scam of the Century,’ and ‘Scandal of the Century.’

In an unprecedented  move, the Nevada Athletic Commission voided the unanimous decision win by Mayweather over Pacquiao.


“There’s just too many missteps leading to and during the fight and we cannot sit here and just do nothing,” Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar told The Adobo Chronicles.


In voiding the fight results, Aguilar presented a laundry list of what went wrong:


The Pacquiao camp did not disclose the  Filipino boxer’s rotator cuff injury in the pre-fight medical questionnaire.

The Pacquiao camp alleged that Manny was denied a legal injection to relieve the pain from his injured shoulder.

In addition to filling out the  medical questionnaire, both Pacquiao and Mayweather should have been examined by an independent medical doctor.

While both boxers weighed under 147 pounds during the official weigh-in on Friday, Pacquiao and Mayweather weighed way over the welterweight maximum weight on Saturday.

The judges’ summary scoresheet was not filled out correctly, casting doubt on whether it was Mayweather or Pacquiao who scored higher.

There were more hugs than punches during the 12-round fight, especially by Mayweather.

Both camps violated a new commission rule that no celebrities are allowed as part of the boxers’ official entourage. Mayweather had Justin Bieber in his entourage while Pacquiao had late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Three national anthems were sung during the fight — U.S., Philippine and Mexican national anthems. The singing of the Mexican anthem misled many spectators and television viewers to think that Pacquiao was Mexican.

In addition, Aguilar said that numerous lawsuits  against Pacquiao, the boxing promoter and even the Nevada Athletic Commission have started to emerge, and “it is the commission’s responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity of professional boxing.”


Not fight of the century.Heading into the twilight years of their boxing careers, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao carried immense burden on their shoulders. 

Pacquiao represented the hopes and dreams of 100 million Filipinos, who saw him as their greatest living national treasure, bringing pride and recognition to their country like no one else. The Filipino boxing legend was also supported by the broader Asian community, who saw him as the embodiment of the spirit of discipline and resilience. 

Mayweather was keen on maintaining his almost two-decade-long undefeated record, hoping to vanquish his ultimate rival and cement his legacy as the greatest boxer of his generation. It was a high-stakes match on a cocktail of overweening vanity, money, and bragging rights.

Cashing in on their intense rivalry and unquestionable fighting pedigrees, the two boxers managed to create enough excitement to launch the most “lucrative fight of the century”, which became a must-watch for the global elite who fought over precious tickets with stratospheric price tags.

Was it worth it?

But the match ultimately ended up as underwhelming, with Pacquiao remaining as “people’s champion”, while Mayweather was once again the “judges’ champion”.

Throughout 12 rounds of boxing, Mayweather jealously guarded his undefeated record by systematically employing his signature strategy of evading sustained exchanges with his opponent. At times, it was a boring and annoying fight, leaving many people wondering whether all the hype was justified. Some fans paid as much as $40,955 to grab a seat close to the fighting ring.

On his part, Pacquiao was left frustrated, incredulously challenging Mayweather’s unanimous decision victory. In a bizarrely adversarial post-fight interview with sports commentator Max Kellerman, who seemingly tried to convince the Filipino boxer that he was roundly defeated, Pacquiao insisted that he won the fight, and that he couldn’t land as many punches as he used to due to Mayweather’s constant evasion.


 MOMMY DBADMOUTH MOMMY. In the eyes of Filipinos, Dionisia Pacquiao aka Mommy D, mother of Manny Pacquiao, was also a loser in the Fight of the Century. She has exposed her magnanimity as a total fakery. After Manny lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr., the millionaire mama turned her anger on those who ask for balato from her and Manny. The real self of the woman once seen as compassionate and lovable has surfaced: She is fould-mouthed and uncaring of other people. On television she said: Marami naghihingi ng balato. Walang katapusan. Hindi nagsasawa. Bakit, noong pobre pa kami, may nagabigay ba ng pera? Kahit peso wala!

Class-Action Suit Filed. A lawyer, Allan H. Gordon, and a realtor, Seth Lamb, have filed  a class-action lawsuit in a Philadelphia court against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao over the “Fight of the Century.”

Their main argument is this: The fight should have never happened.

After the fight, in which Mayweather defeated Pacquiao, it was revealed that Pacquiao had suffered a torn rotator cuff about a month prior to stepping into the ring with Mayweather, an injury that Mayweather’s team and some of the promoters, the suit alleges, were aware of prior to the fight.

Instead of postponing the fight due to the injury, the fighters and the organizers decided to move forward.

The suit goes on to say that the defendants, which include the two fighters, Showtime, HBO, the promoters, and others, “intentionally decided to sacrifice the integrity of the match” and “engaged in blatantly self-interested and wrongful conduct…”


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