vendor 2 ‘Kwikwik’ as tourist delight

     The Davao City government is aiming to make street food, including the popular flour-coated fried egg ‘kwikwik,’ as a tourist attraction.

alagDavao City Council Floor Leader Bernard Al-ag said he is reviving the archived Street Food Ordinance which would impose regulations on street food vending.

Al-ag said street food may be promoted as a culinary attraction for tourists.

     Ambulant street food vendors dot the city’s sidewalks serving vendoran array of cheap snacks from the popular ‘kwikwik,’ deep fried hard-boiled egg coated with flour to barbecued chicken intestines and legs to fried bananas and fresh fruit drinks.

     The Street Food Ordinance, approved by the previous City Council on First Reading, would require street vendors to undergo training on food handling to protect public health.

     Under the ordinance, City Hall will construct a training center for the street vendors.

The Street Food Ordinance was proposed following a study by the Department of Science and Technology that 90 percent of street food were not safe due to the vendors’ lack of knowledge in food handling.

Video fight scene pins down village chief

 A video showing manhandling of a fruit vendor has proved fatal abellato village chief Ralph Abella of Barangay Hizon who has been dismissed from his post by the Office of the Ombudsman for Mindanao for the mauling incident.

The video footage presented as evidence showed Abella engaging in a fight with fruit vendor Nilo Villanueva.

     In his defense, Abella claimed the fight ensued after Villanueva hit him first after he ordered the fruit vendor to remove an illegal stall he had set up.

     Villanueva filed the case before the office of the City Mayor and the City Council and at the Ombudsman which sacked the village chief including two barangay policemen.   

Anti-smoking violators cough up P1.5M in fines

smokingA task force last year apprehended about 4,000 violators of the Davao City Anti-Smoking Ordinance.

Dr. Domilyn Villareiz, co-chair of the Anti-Smoking Task Force, said P1.6 million in fines were paid by violators from January to November 2014.

The Anti-Smoking Task Force, a composite group, reported that the Mobile Patrol Group (MPG) topped the list of agencies in number of apprehensions with 1,577 violators, followed by Talomo police with 770, Sta. Ana police with 535 and San Pedro with 521 and Sasa police with 333.


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