The Crying Dionesia

durian beatUnknown to the public, Moneymom Dionesia Pacquiao holes herself up alone in a room in her General Santos City mansion to cry her heart out in extreme pain after every fight of her boxing hero son Manny Pacquiao.

JOKENINGWhether it is win or lose for Manny, Mommy D also suffer pain in her hands. If Manny injures his hands for pummelling his opponents with deadly lefts and rights, Mommy D suffers the pain in her hands for another reason.

She had locked herself in her mansion after Manny’s losing fight with Manuel Marquez, the first that Manny lost and second encounter that Manny won with Tim Bradley; and after Manny clobbered Brandon Rios and Chris Algeiri in Macau.

DIONesiaWhile alone in her room, in between the tsunami of tears, Mommy D would pray that Manny put closure to his boxing career and retire.

The elusive Floyd Mayweather has run out of alibis to avoid a clash with Manny and the unbeaten American champion has finally offered to fight the Pinoy hero.

Barring hitches the fight goes on May 2, the date Mayweather himself picked for the megafight.

With a US200 million projected revenue from sales and PPV, the Mayweather-Pacquiao battle has the biggest purse in boxing history.

If Mayweather would not be as greedy, the purse could split halfway with Manny getting half of the money.

     It is well-known that Mommy D gets a fat share from Manny after every fight.

     This is a big problem for Mommy D and the reason why she wants her son to retire from boxing.

She is tired of counting her share of the purse, her arthritis in the hand getting worse after Manny’s every fight.

That is why she is begging Manny to leave the ring.

“Manny, intawon, Dong. Undang na tawon ug boksing kay gikapoy na gyod ko ug ihap sa akong sapi! Sakit na kaayo akong mga kamot!” (Please, Manny my son. Stop fighting now. I am tired of counting my money. My hands are killing me!)

With Manny getting the biggest purse in his career in the fight of the century ( and Mommy D getting the biggest share of her life), Crying Dionesia was expected to stay longer in a room in her mansion to cry the longest cry of her life.

Once more she would beg Manny to stop fighting, as she counts in extreme pain with her arthritic hands, the biggest share of her life of the purse Manny would earn from beating to a pulp this humbug  Mayweather.

Please, Manny my son. Stop fighting now. I am tired of counting my money. My hands are killing me!

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