‘Cocaine van’ found in Davao City wharf

Small steel compartments fit for cocaine bricks were found embedded inside an empty 40-foot refrigerated container in a private wharf in Davao City on Sunday, November 23.

cocaine-rody-21The discovery was immediately reported to police by management of the Sumifro Wharf, a major loading area for export  Cavendish bananas.

cocaineREAD MORE: Cocaine in Davao

The compartments inside a Maersk Shipping van were similar to those found in another Maersk container in March this year in the same wharf where authorities discovered 56 cocaine bricks.

In the latest discovery, authorities found 110 compartments at the upper portion of the van which where all empty.

Davao City Police chief Vicente Danao said investigation are ongoing to establish if the the compartments were already empty when the container arrived at the Sumifro Wharf or if the banned drugs were ferreted out.

Danao refused to give other details in a late afternoon television reports on the discovery.

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